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Muscle Magic on a Budget: The Squat Secret!

Looking for a game-changing muscle-building tip that won't break the bank? Well, let me introduce you to a secret: the squat! Imagine this: I've met people who were stuck in a plateau until they started incorporating a routine centered around squatting.

These are heroes, no enhancements, who managed to pack on a remarkable 20 pounds in just three months. How did they do it? By focusing on a handful of exercises that revolve around squats and fueling their bodies like it's an endeavor. Guess what? The best part is that those 20 pounds were evenly distributed across their physique, not just their legs!

Now, for all those struggling with gaining muscle, here's a fact: if your workout routine solely revolves around the bench and biceps, you're only giving about 10% of your body the attention it needs. Wait! When it comes to squatting or deadlifting? Oh boy, that's where you'll engage 70% of your body, sending a message: "Grow stronger!"

But here's the thing. It's not going to be easy. It will be more like conquering Mount Everest than strolling through a park. To achieve success, it's important to invest time and effort, especially when it comes to lifting weights. One tried and true method for those who have struggled with muscle growth is the 20-rep squat routine. It involves completing one set until failure after a warm-up along with other foundational exercises. This routine doesn't involve any fluff; instead, it focuses on challenging work, complemented by the principle of eating well to support muscle growth.

Now, if you haven't experienced high-rep squats or deadlifts before, be prepared for a challenge. These exercises are far from easy; they will push you to your limits, providing the most demanding workout you've ever attempted. But here's the exciting part: they will also yield results.

This isn't your workout where you breeze through 20 reps with lightweight and call it a day. Oh no! You'll be pushing yourself through each of those 15 reps with determination and intensity, breathing heavily as if you're auditioning for a steam engine role. You'll fight for every repetition, gripping that bar with all your might until you reach that number: 20. If you're thinking about attempting rep 21, it means you haven't been pushing yourself enough!

Here's a piece of advice: save these high-rep squats for the finale of your workout routine. Believe me, give them a try. You'll see the gym floor become your resting spot as they leave you breathless, almost begging for mercy after one intense set.

These were the people who thought they had reached their potential in the gym, only to find themselves sprawled on the ground wondering if they would ever breathe normally again. Guess what? These were also the individuals who struggled to build muscle but eventually succeeded by incorporating these techniques specifically designed for hardgainers.

A Brief History Lesson

High-rep squats have been around since the days of strength training. For a read and a program that highly recommends high-rep squatting, check out "Super Squats" written by Randall Strossen, available at Iron Addict.

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