limiting your progress at the gym

3 Ways Your Mind Could Be Limiting Your Progress at the Gym

Have you ever noticed that many people have aspirations of achieving a physique at the gym, but only a few actually succeed? The truth is, there are habits that unknowingly hinder their progress and prevent them from achieving their desired gains. Here's how:


1. Insecurity and Fear of Failure

Instead of viewing failure as a setback, it should be seen as a stepping stone towards success. Mistakes can actually serve as lessons in disguise. Don't hesitate to experiment with exercises, techniques, or dietary choices. It is through this process that you will discover what works best for your body.


Confidence plays a role in pushing yourself and staying motivated. Believe in yourself—nothing is impossible with work; there are simply paths to achieve success.


2. The Pursuit of "The Ultimate Truth"

When starting out on your fitness journey, it's common to seek out that one magical exercise that promises to transform you into a Greek god overnight.


However, it's important to pause and reflect! Every so-called "fitness guru" will advocate for their "secret" method. You'll come across versions, each claiming to hold the key to success.


But here's the reality check: While everything may work for someone, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you too. Diets like Jay Cutler's or workout routines like Phil Heath's are tailored specifically for them. Your recipe for success will be unique—just like you are.


3. Information Overload

They say that knowledge is power, and while that may be true, being overwhelmed by information can have its drawbacks. Nowadays, the internet is filled with a plethora of fitness advice. Some are useful, while some are just useless.


Are you spending time reading? Beware of falling into the trap of overthinking. Have you ever found yourself analyzing a problem to such an extent that it becomes difficult to take action? Yeah, I know what you mean.

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Liam Marshall, the friendly fitness coach, has spent 14 years sharing his love for sports and fitness. With degrees in sports science, he crafts workouts that fit like your favorite jeans. Beyond the gym, he organizes sports clinics and tech-savvy fitness apps that motivate people worldwide. He's all about making fitness doable for everyone, and it's not just about bodies – it's boosting confidence. In 2019, he scored the "Virginia Fitness Coach of the Year" award. Outside the fitness world, he loves family time and hikes in Shenandoah National Park. Liam's journey from a small-town fitness fan to a big-time coach is all about passion, inspiring people to see fitness as a body-and-mind thing. Catch him on Instagram to stay in the loop!