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You're tough as nails and your muscles are packing a serious punch, but that's all for naught if you can't maintain that iron grip. Grip strength, my friends, is often the unsung hero that forces lifters to drop their weights prematurely.

Dive into this guide, and I'll spill the beans on the top 10 grip strength-enhancing exercises. These gems will transform you into a vise-like force, clutching bars and handles with Herculean might and unwavering tenacity.


Grip strength owes its might to the intrinsic hand muscles and a sprinkle of extrinsic forearm muscles. The intrinsic ones cozy up in your hand, while the extrinsic players make their journey from the forearm, weaving their magic onto your fingers.

The big shots in the grip strength game include:

  • Flexor digitorum profundis
  • Flexor pollicis longus
  • Flexor digitorum superficialis
  • The extensor digitorum communis lends a hand in grip relaxation

No need to commit these names to memory for your lifting endeavors. Just know that grip strength exercises zero in on the forearm and hand muscles, with a dash of wrist action. While this guide will introduce you to some forearm workouts, we'll also sprinkle in exercises that pamper those intrinsic hand muscles for a grip that refuses to quit.


Is all this fuss about grip strength just to outmuscle the competition in deadlifting and maxing out on bench presses? Well, maybe partly. But brace yourself for the curveball: a robust grip delivers more than just lifting supremacy. It bestows upon you the everyday superpower of effortlessly opening stubborn jars or lugging bags of groceries. And here's the kicker – it's a nifty indicator of your overall quality of life.

So, the exercises you're about to embrace not only promise Popeye forearms but could also boost your overall well-being. Building grip strength by honing those wrist-crossing muscles might just shield you from the dreaded realm of repetitive strain injuries like tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. There's even a whisper that it might sprinkle some cardio fairy dust, although we won't steer you away from the plyometrics route just yet.


Muscular man testing grip strength

Ever notice how you instinctively switch up your grip throughout the day? Your mind doesn't just snap to a full-finger, palm hug. Sometimes, it's all about a pinch between the thumb and fingers or a dance of fingers and palms.

Certain exercises demand different grips, and we're not talking about your usual overhand, underhand, or neutral varieties. No siree, this is a deep dive into the world of grip types: crush grip, pinch grip, and support grip.

Let's dissect them:

  • Crush Grip: It's all about the palm and fingers making contact with the object, with the thumb staying clear. Think gripping a suitcase, cradling a soda can, or shaking hands with confidence.
  • Pinch Grip: This one's a finger-and-thumb show, applying pressure to manipulate fine objects like tearing paper, hoisting weight plates, or corralling salt grains.
  • Support Grip: The heavy-hitter uses your thumb, fingers, and palm to bear the load over extended periods. Think lugging grocery bags, palming a tennis ball, or gallantly opening doors.

And if you're a seasoned lifter, you might have heard whispers of the hook grip, a clever twist on the crush grip. It's your secret weapon when wrestling with the bar. Instead of relying on your fingers and palm, you cradle the bar with your thumb, shrouding it in a snug embrace with your index and middle fingers. It won't single-handedly mend feeble hand grip strength, but it's a trusty ally when the barbell beckons.

But before we delve deeper into the hook grip, it's time to acquaint yourself with the grip strength exercises ahead. Pencil them into your routine, and in no time, you'll be experiencing gains that put your bicep curls to shame.


No need to tackle all ten exercises in one go – three or four can make for a potent grip strength workout.

  • Wrist Curls:
  • Let's kick things off with wrist curls. They're the workhorses of grip strength exercises, straightforward and oh-so-convenient. Grab a flat bench or a chair and some weight, be it a compact barbell for a double-fisted approach or dumbbells for a unilateral challenge. Here's your roadmap to pristine wrist curls:

    • Start with a featherweight, take a seat on your chosen throne, and secure the weights in your palms. You can enlist your legs for some elbow support, letting your forearms and wrists steal the spotlight.
    • Embrace an underhand grip, with palms serenading the ceiling.
    • Begin the ascent, lifting your palms as close to your forearms as earthly possible. Then, back to square one. You should feel the burn igniting your forearms, so keep tabs on it. If not, unwanted muscles might be gate-crashing the party.
    • Now, grant your hands a ticket past the starting line, adding a dash of wrist extension to the mix. This nifty move can jazz up your grip strength. Return to base camp, marking one successful rep. Target 10 to 15 of these wrist curls, remembering to sprinkle some wrist flexion and extension on each iteration.
  • Dead Hang:
  • Picture this – hanging like a bat from a horizontal bar, and voila, you're in the grip strength game. It's a twofer: bolstering your support grip strength and leveling up your pull-up prowess. Plus, it moonlights as a lumbar and thoracic spine decompression therapy. All you need is a trusty pull-up bar or the sheer determination to hang from a door frame for a solid half-minute. But heed this warning – the dead hang demands unwavering focus. Here's your guide to mastering it:

    • Scout out a pull-up bar or conjure a door attachment from thin air. Monkey bars at your neighborhood park also suffice if the gym feels out of reach.
    • Position yourself beneath the bar, embracing it with both hands in a firm overhand grip.
    • Relax your back and let your arms sway, hanging loose. If need be, bend those knees, ensuring your feet steer clear of terra firma. Once your toes take flight, the countdown begins.
    • Hang tough for a minimum of 30 seconds. If you're feeling particularly tenacious, aim for a full minute. Your core and grip strength will thank you later.
    • Plate Pinch:
    • For a masterclass in pinch grip conditioning, look no further than plate pinches. While home gym enthusiasts and gym-goers typically employ weight plates, you can substitute them with everyday objects like hefty books, bricks, or a bag of potatoes. We'll outline the steps using weight plates, but feel free to adapt for your chosen object. Let's dive in:

      • Merge two weight plates, making sure their smooth sides lock lips to create a 20-pound monolith.
      • Whether you fancy a seated or standing approach is your prerogative. Stand sentinel beside your chosen weight, extending your fingers and thumb in a marriage of convenience.
      • Lift the weight from its earthly abode, keeping your spine straight and your arm in full extension. It matters not how high the weight hovers above the ground, as long as you remain staunchly upright.
      • Foster that pinch grip for a solid thirty seconds, or as close as your grip can cling. Gradually work your way up if need be, and if the going gets too easy, add more weight to keep that grip strength furnace stoked.
      • Farmer's Walk:
      • You've probably witnessed the spectacle of folks embarking on farmer's walks, toting tractor tires or trap bars with an air of unwavering determination. But fear not if such contraptions elude your grasp, for two loaded dumbbells will serve you just as well. But brace yourself – this exercise doesn't pull punches, even if you're a seasoned farmer. It's aptly known as a farmer's carry, and its reach spans far beyond your forearm and wrist realms. It's a symphony that serenades your quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, lats, traps, spinal erectors, abdominals, biceps, and triceps. That's a mouthful, but what it boils down to is this: the farmer's walk packs a full-body strength wallop, the kind that can amplify any focused workout routine. Here's your playbook for an impeccable farmer's walk:

        • Stage your weights for battle. If you're wielding a trap bar or perched atop a tractor tire, claim the middle of the arena. For kettlebells or dumbbells, perch them on either side, their handles serenading your physique.
        • Squat down and seize the weights. For kettlebells and dumbbells, adopt a neutral grip. The tire and trap bar beckon a special crush grip, with palms gazing outward.
        • Stand tall, ensuring your grip is rock solid, and commence your forward march. Venture as far as your legs will carry you in the span of 60 seconds, then tenderly return your burden to its earthly abode.
        • Revel in the majesty of three such carries, indulging in brief respites between each endeavor
        • Grippers:
        • Hand grippers are your golden ticket to a forearm fiesta, all without setting foot in a gym. They're compact enough to play office tag, ever at your beck and call during moments of respite. Unfurl the secret to using hand grippers effectively:

          • Claim the grippers in a crush grip, one arm cradling your palm and the other conspiring with your fingers.
          • Adjust the resistance to your liking, commencing with a gentle touch if you're a novice, and then ratcheting it up a notch.
          • Compress those grippers, applying palm pressure. Aim for a decadent ten reps on each side, or grab two grippers and rotate between them until you've savored ten reps on each arm.
          • Feel the pump pulsing through your forearm? When the sensation becomes a familiar friend, up the ante. Increase the resistance and embark on yet another gripping odyssey.
          • Fat Gripz Biceps Curl:

          In the world of fat gripz, the weight may be lower, but the forearm accolades run higher. These nifty attachments spotlight your grip endurance and dial the spotlight onto your hands and forearms. If you're bereft of these attachments, don't fret – wrap a trusty towel around your bar, and you're in business. Let's crack the code on fat gripz biceps curls:

          • With your dumbbells tightly cocooned by the fat gripz, take hold with both hands in a neutral grip.
          • Lift those weights toward your shoulders, then graciously return them to their starting post. That's one rep under your belt.
          • Aim for a glorious tally of 8 to 12 reps in total.
        • Towel Chin-Ups:
        • If chin-ups seem a formidable foe, bolster your grip strength through towel chin-ups. They're your gateway to a more tenacious grip. Here's the lowdown:

          • Drape a towel over a pull-up bar, ensuring both ends share an even keel. You can also deploy two towels, spaced shoulder-width apart, for a taste of conventional chin-ups.
          • Hoist your feet to reach a suspended posture, then summon your might to pull yourself upward until your chin surpasses the bar. Gently descend to mark the completion of a rep.
          • Aspire to conquer at least five additional reps, potentially scaling up to ten if the wind is in your sails.
          • Barbell Levering:

          No need to heft heavyweights for this one. Barbell levering dabbles in wrist control, a subtle art that fortifies your grip endurance while bestowing overall hand and forearm fortitude. Master the craft with these steps:

          • Position yourself mid-bar, clutching it with a neutral grip in your right hand.
          • Tilt the front end of the bar toward the ground and halt it just before gravity claims its prize. Then, embark on a similar journey with the bar's rear.
          • Engage in this playful seesaw motion for 10 to 15 reps, and savor the fruits of your labor.
          • Rubber Band Hand Extensions:

          In the blink of an eye, you can indulge in rubber band hand extensions, a swift exercise that caters to hand extension, complementing the grip strength symphony. Here's your guide:

          • Pinch your fingers and thumb together, then wrap a trusty rubber band around the lot.
          • Gradually unfurl all your fingers, inching as close as you can to a fully extended hand.
          • Return to your initial pinch, and partake in a delightful 10 to 15 repeats, mindful not to rush the proceedings.
        • Deadlifts:
        • For the powerlifting aficionados, we've saved a treat. If you're capable of hoisting the barbell in a deadlift for a hearty half-dozen reps, you're in the money. Deadlifts are the ticket to substantial grip strength gains, especially when paired with the exercises in this guide. And even if you find yourself limited to one or two reps, don't despair – gripping the barbell in a locked-out position can still foster grip strength. Dive into our deadlifting guide for a comprehensive look at this classic strength training staple.


          Man testing grip strength

          These grip strength exercises are far from rocket science, approachable with a dollop of practice. Some can be squeezed into your daily routine, while others call for equipment and finesse. Slip a few into your regimen intermittently, priming yourself for the Herculean tasks that loom on the horizon, where colossal weights await your indomitable grip.

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