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5 Simple Steps to Build Muscle Mass

Everyone seems to have their method for increasing muscle mass, right? If you ask people, you'll get a variety of answers. Let me share with you five steps that can help you achieve the muscle mass you're aiming for.

It's possible that you might be neglecting one of these steps. Stay tuned, pay attention to all of them if you're serious about getting those muscles bigger. Skipping one step could make your journey towards building muscle more difficult than it needs to be—maybe even close to impossible.

1. Hit the Gym 3-4 Times a Week. Lift Heavy Weights.

Have you ever wondered why lifting weights feels challenging? Well, it's because when you lift weights, your muscles experience tears. Your body is smart; it works on repairing these tears while also strengthening the muscles to handle stress more effectively in the future.

After a workout, give your muscles time to recover and rest. Usually, it takes a few days (depending on how your body recovers) for the muscles to be ready for another round of resistance training.

Oh, and here's a tip: If you want your muscles to fully recover, make sure not to train the same muscle group more than twice a week.

Are you planning on following a lower split routine? That's great for this situation.

2. Make Sure to Have 5 Meals a Day.

Building muscles doesn't just depend on lifting weights; your diet plays a crucial role too. Hold on, that doesn't mean you should start eating everything in sight! Your calorie intake should come from balanced meals that include carbohydrates, proteins, and quality fats.

Ideally, aim for carbohydrates to make up around 45% of your intake, proteins at 35%, and fats filling the remaining 20%. Also, try to consume food as much as possible. While protein shakes are convenient, they can't replace meals.

So, if you're having six meals daily, ensure that four of those consist of food while the other two can be protein shakes or meal replacement options.

3. Don't Forget to Stretch.

Hey, remember to stretch! Spending around 15-20 minutes each day stretching your muscles is essential. One common mistake people make is skipping their stretching routine. Stretching helps your muscles regain their length.

Don't underestimate the impact of weightlifting on your muscles. It can actually cause them to shrink, resulting in weakness, reduced speed, and increased vulnerability to injuries. To counteract this, make sure to dedicate two hours a week to stretching exercises.

4. Guzzle Down More Water

Water is not just for quenching your thirst; it plays a role in maintaining the health of your organs. By staying hydrated, you help flush out toxins from your body and maintain the balance of sodium levels. Additionally, water is essential for cell volumization, which enables nutrients to enter your muscle cells and trigger reactions leading to muscle growth. Aim to consume about a gallon (3.8 liters) of water per day.

5. Stick with Tested Supplements

When it comes to supplements, it's wise to stick with those that have proven themselves over time rather than jumping on the trends or newcomers in the market that lack a sufficient track record.

By following this rule, you'll ensure you're only using supplements that have stood the test of time and are still considered effective by individuals. Some reliable options include a high-quality multivitamin/mineral combination, fish oil supplements, creatine monohydrate, and a trustworthy protein powder.

These nutritious items will provide you with the elements for maintaining health, achieving a fit physique, building strength, and increasing muscle mass.

James Freeman


Meet James Freeman, a California native whose passion for fitness emerged during challenging times, reshaping his life. With over two decades of coaching experience, he's not just a coach; he's a real-life example, shedding over 100 pounds in a journey to a healthier lifestyle. Beyond his coaching career, James is passionate about inspiring at-risk youth and promoting wellness in schools. In his downtime, he enjoys swimming and cycling, connecting with nature. Join him on his Instagram and LinkedIn profiles for insights into his empowering fitness journey.