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BCAA Benefits

BCAA supplements are getting all the hype for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. What is so interesting about them is their amazing property to maximize muscle gain. Let’s see what a BCAA is and how you can use them for maximum fitness benefits.

What Are BCAA Supplements?

BCAA has branched-chain amino acids that are helpful in producing highly beneficial effects in the body through their ability to maximize muscle gain and strength. These branched chain amino acids include valine, isoleucine, and leucine. Although present in most protein-rich foods, these are not consumed enough through diet alone if one were to aim for benefits from them. The RDA for leucine, for example, is around 2g for an average weighted adult of 70 kg. However, to gain maximum benefits from it, more leucine is needed. Also, some foods have less bioavailability of BCAAs in them and much is lost due to cooking and storing methods.

This is where BCAA supplements come in. These are concentrates with high amounts of valine, isoleucine, and leucine present in them, making them a rich source of BCAAs.

How Are They Beneficial?

There is a plethora of research and clinical trial evidence to show that BCAAs are helpful in muscle gain and strength in the body.

  • Improves Muscle Gain

Muscle Protein Synthesis is known to be the key outcome of consuming these amino acids. These amino acids activate a signaling pathway called mTOR Complex 1, which helps in providing energy or glucose to muscle fibers. In turn, these muscle fibers grow in size. It is particularly useful for professional athletes looking to gain muscle for their sports and competition purposes.

  • Aids in Muscle Recovery

Not only that, branched chain amino acids are helpful in the recovery of muscle protein in the body. So, if you are someone who exercises vigorously or has a hectic routine, then you might consider taking these amino acids. These help in the recovery from muscle injury and weakness. When recovered, the muscles show a heightened acceleration in their growth if the supplements are not stopped.

  • Fights Muscle Degeneration

Muscular atrophy or degeneration is among some common causes of muscular fatigue, weakness, and dysfunction in daily movement and pain. It is established that these amino acids help in improving the regeneration of muscles even in individuals who don’t train their muscles. So, it might be considered helpful in improving muscle mass in the body. It is therefore particularly helpful in older adults who have decreased anabolic reactions to synthesize muscles in their body naturally.

REGENERATE BCAA's (Honeydew/Watermelon)

With 4g BCAAs, Regenerate BCAAs come as one of the top-notch amino acid supplements to consume for better muscle health and fitness. L-Glutamine and vitamin B6 also help in providing more nutrition for the muscles to grow and improve antioxidant effects in the body. As a result, this supplement can be used for multiple purposes i.e. muscle healing, muscle gain, and regeneration. The higher ratio of leucine helps in boosting muscle protein synthesis in the body, which is ideal for professional athletes and trainers.

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