Bodybuilding Supplements: Turkesterone Review

              Let me start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with the company that creates the product I am reviewing nor have they given me anything to provide this review. I just think this is an amazing product more people should know about. 

A little background info

I have been lifting consistently for around 15 years. I am in somewhat decent shape. I am 6'2 and typically around 210 at 10(ish)% body fat in the late spring/summer and usually float around  230lbs-240lbs with significantly more fat around the late fall/winter. I take a bunch of other health supplements off and on, including ALPHA and ENLIGHTEN sold here. 
135 for 30 reps135 front squat x 30

Natural Lifter

            Anyone that is "natural" and has been lifting for a while whether its powerlifting or bodybuilding will tell you there isn't any one regular supplement that is going to move the needle in a positive direction drastically. In fact, any substantially noticeable forward momentum in terms of added weight to lifts or added quality lean muscle tissue is considered a huge win once you've cruised through all your beginner and intermediate gains. 

Turkesterone by Gorilla Mind Feedback

             Turkesterone by Gorilla Mind was getting some interesting feedback and I had previously done a bunch of personal research on ecdysteroids. My personal summation was they were sort of the "final frontier" in being natural. I started modestly with 2 capsules in the am pre workout and then 2 capsules in the afternoon. I did this for about 14 days and felt absolutely nothing. I moved up to 3 capsules am and pm. Turkesterone
            This was when I first started feeling it's effects. Barely noticeable but a little bit more strength on moves I am terrible at which is where I noticed it the most. This was very motivating. I was about 6 weeks into taking it when I increased the dosage to 4 capsules am and pm. After this increase, aggerated so I will that was when the effects were very noticeable. I can only compare this to the feeling of starting creatine again after being off of it, or for the first time.
            I wouldn't want readers to think this is misleading or exl go over some basic numbers. Typically in a heavy periodization I will creep around 120lb dumbbells on incline for 5-6 reps. With the Turk I had that extra push at the end of the sets and was squeaking out 2-3 more reps on most sets or on certain moves was increasing weight by 5-10%. For me personally that is huge considering how long I've been doing this. 
           I was also getting a bigger. I wasn't in a major calorie excess. Maybe 100 calories a day in excess. I gained about 1/8 inch on my arms. I didn't measure anything else but there was noticeable growth around my traps, shoulders and quads. I wasn't particularly lean around this time but prior to turkesterone still had somewhat visible abs. A little more then halfway through they had a softer bloated look and my stomach generally had less definition. picture of traps
            Prior to starting I conducted a physical and bloodwork. Everything was normal and healthy. About 100-120 days into taking Turk i was noticing I was a tiny bit more irritable. I was also exhibiting a slightly lower libido. I went back to the doctor and got some surprising results. 
blood test after turkesteroneclose up of blood test
           My test levels went up a surprising amount. My testosterone was around 1300 ng/dl. Previously I was around 900ng/dl. I decided to take a break and started cutting down on turk. Surprisingly, there were no serious side effects. I was basically back to normal without the irritability or lowered libido. Also surprisingly, I maintained most of the strength I gained while on Turk.  So to review my personal Pros and Cons: 


  • More endurance
  • More strength
  • Easier to put on muscle


  • Mild Bloating
  • Irritability
  • Mild impact on libido around 4 month mark
The upside vastly outweighs the downside. As soon as I stopped taking it all the issues went away within a week or two. Even months and months after taking it I am still very close to the strength levels it got me to.  In my opinion, this is a must have for any serious lifter.