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Al·pha Male


the dominant male animal in a particular group

 “two of them trotted over to greet the alpha male, a black wolf with a graying muzzle”

  • a man tending to assume the dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations.

“ two alpha males constantly competing to be the best”


They are strong, confident, and muscular. One word describes these guys: testosterone.


Testosterone is responsible for all things manly. Male sex hormone levels affect sex drive, muscle mass, semen output, and health. Without it, we can't perform well or maximize gains.


We'll discuss testosterone below, including how to identify if you're not producing enough, its benefits, and the many forms of supplements. With a nutritious diet, lots of exercise, and enough sleep, you'll see results quickly.

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Testosterone Effects


What is testosterone? Men have higher quantities of this androgen hormone. Men with higher levels typically have deeper voices, facial hair, and more muscle. Other influences include:


  • Bone mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Hair density
  • Libido
  • Female reproductive health
  • Male testicle and penis growth


It's a crucial hormone. Increased testosterone levels during puberty cause growth spurts, body hair, and sperm production.


What Are Optimal Test Levels?


If everything goes well, we need to know how much testosterone is enough. A blood test is the best way to measure testosterone, which could technically be anywhere from 270–1,000 nanograms per deciliter for you to be considered “normal” or “in range”. Personally, I find this range disparity preposterous, and the “low healthy” end of this test measurement is becoming alarmingly lower every 5-10 years. More on this in a different article.


Testosterone levels vary, but below 300 or above 1,000 are unhealthy. If so, fix the root cause.




Many variables can impact your testosterone levels, making it hard to pinpoint the source. Examples are:


  • Pituitary diseases
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Type-2 diabetes
  • High body fat
  • Klinefelter syndrome
  • Rx Drugs


Age is the main culprit. Most men start losing testosterone in their late 20s and early 30s, and 50% of men over 80 have low testosterone levels. Anabolic drugs, adrenal gland tumors, and other medical disorders can raise testosterone.


Low Testosterone


How do you detect low testosterone? Some ways to tell are:


  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido
  • Fewer sperm
  • Fatigue easily
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle loss
  • Higher body fat %
  • Mood swings
  • Decreased size of testes
  • Low hemoglobin


As indicated, bloodwork is the best way to confirm. Prescription testosterone boosters can treat hypogonadism, low testosterone.


TRT boosts testosterone levels. Injections, patches, and pills are available. These are just clinically low testosterone medication alternatives. There are other reasons to increase testosterone.

 Testosterone Test

Test Booster Advantages


There are other reasons to supplement with T besides clinically low testosterone. Benefits include:


  • Bodybuilding
  • Muscle gain and endurance
  • Better bones
  • Boosting libido
  • Sexual benefits
  • Feeling young
  • Boosting energy
  • Improved mood

Test  boosters are especially useful for those over 30 because hormone production slows. The gym and bedroom will benefit. However, TRT is not always necessary to raise T levels. There are plenty of natural testosterone boosting supplements available over the counter.


Best Testosterone Boosters


Supplements are the testosterone therapy opposite. These, whether natural or not, boost testosterone production rather than directly providing testosterone.


Some of these supplements, natural or not, have had limited human research. If you pursue this path, do additional study and choose a trustworthy source, even though early findings are promising.


For long-term health, moderation is best.




Zinc is vital to many biological functions. This includes producing genetic material, fighting bacteria and viruses, and healing your stomach. Zinc insufficiency can also cause low T levels.


Red meat, shellfish, chicken, nuts, beans, and dairy contain zinc. It can be supplemented in tablet form. Zinc may treat the root cause of low T levels, rather than merely the symptoms.


Preventing deficiency requires 5–10 mg, whereas treating it requires 25–45 mg. Keep usage within these limits to avoid side effects.




This amino acid boosts testosterone-producing hormones naturally. It boosts luteinizing hormone production and may help transport it.


This can boost T levels and sperm quality. While studies are equivocal, it may be a contender for improving levels.



While Longjack, also known as Tongkat Ali, is a herb that has been utilized be multiple different cultures for centuries. Scientific research as found evidence that it can elevate testosterone levels in the blood. It also has an impact on over mood, energy levels, strength, and decreasing cortisol, which is the bodies stress hormone. 




Indian medicine has long employed this plant. Extracts, teas, and powder capsules use the plant's berries and roots. This herb is an adaptogen that helps your body handle stress and anxiety while enhancing male sexual function and fertility.


The herb's anxiety-reducing effects may help sperm, according to studies. Cortisol reduction improves sleep and T levels. Ashwagandha may boost fat loss and physical performance, according to other studies.




Tribulus is a plant with spiny fruiting bodies that cover it. It has been known in various cultures as an aphrodisiac. It has chemicals that increase levels of several hormones, and is also used for a litany of other health benefits such as heart health and blood sugar regulation.



Many male sexual health supplements contain this extract. This chemical slows 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone into DHT.


DHT slows male pattern baldness and improves the prostate. It can also enhance sperm counts, libido, and testosterone symptoms.





The body processes and breaks down testosterone to clear it from the blood stream. Chrysin can help decrease how quickly the body breaks down test. Taking chrysin alongside a testosterone booster or taking a testosterone booster with chrysin may help increase the efficacy of the test booster.

When To Take Test Boosters


Consult the manufacturer's instructions on the label because supplements have varying effects on the body. No one time of day is best for taking them. Most supplements recommend taking them in the morning or before bed for best results.


For instance, blood sugar-lowering supplements should be given in the morning, while cortisol-lowering pills should be taken before bed to help with sleep. Cycles may maximize compound benefits, depending on the supplement.


For instance, utilizing a product for 3–4 weeks and then giving your body a rest for 2–3 months will keep things working well. It also prevents your body from getting dependent on them and badly undermining its natural production.


Safety/Side Effects


Research and start slowly with any supplements, especially T-boosting ones. Whether your T levels are clinically low or due to an underlying condition determines a lot.


DHEA would not alleviate reduced T levels caused by vitamin D or zinc deficiency. Doctor-ordered blood work will reveal the problem and its solution.


Supplementing test levels can harm your body's testosterone production. Because your system knows that you have a lot of testosterone, it reduces its production. Long-term, this can hurt you.


Testosterone side effects may include acne, mood swings, male pattern baldness, and aggressiveness. No one can predict what will happen because it relies nearly entirely on the supplement you take.


Change Your Lifestyle For Long Term Benefits


We all know supplements are supplements. Supplementation is supposed to give an extra edge when working towards your fitness objectives, but they need to be utilized on top of an already healthy lifestyle.


There’s no prescription or pill out there that’ll be able to replace excellent eating, good exercise, and good sleep—especially if you want to enhance testosterone levels.


Sleep helps T levels. Some test boosters improve sleep and reduce cortisol, which boosts testosterone. This is crucial.


Weightlifting, working out, and sleeping well are essential. Workout and resistance training routinely raise testosterone levels. One study suggested that obese men should exercise more than eat well to raise testosterone.


It is also important to consume enough testosterone booster foods. Food matters too. Healthy proteins, lipids, and carbs are the best approach to maintain T levels. Protein, fat, and carbs improve T levels, body composition, and hormone balance.


These three components must be combined for a healthy lifestyle and testosterone boost.


Test Booster Turbocharge


Take care of your body to maximize its health and beauty. Even with proper diet, relaxation, and exercise, sometimes the odds are against you. Fixing low testosterone levels can improve your health.


Always buy proven testosterone supplements. Paying attention to micronutrients, macros, and supplements will make you feel like a new man—with testosterone to match.


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