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Five Of The Best Gyms In The U.S.

Finding the fitness center can feel overwhelming, with many options available. Apart from considering factors like amenities, equipment quality and membership costs it's important to think about whether the gym's part of a chain with convenient locations.

For those of us who frequently travel for work or leisure, sticking to a workout routine can be quite challenging. Thankfully there are gym chains that offer the flexibility to use your membership at locations across the country.

If your goal is to prioritize fitness while on the go, let's explore some of the gym chains in the nation that provide this convenience.


Golds Gym is undoubtedly one of the known nationwide gym chains with its iconic gold and black logo. It was founded by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, California during the 1960s. Has since expanded to include over 200 locations throughout the United States.

What sets Gold's Gym apart is its connection to the bodybuilding community— Arnold Schwarzenegger himself trained at Gold's Gym when he first arrived in America. The brand carries a legacy, within this realm.


Golds Gym offers a range of equipment specifically tailored for bodybuilders. They have a selection of weights including barbells and dumbbells.

The fitness facility is quite spacious. Has a variety of exercise stations, including benches, squat racks, cable machines and strength training equipment. They also have types of cardio machines, like treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals and stair climbers.

Membership Costs;

If you want access to one club the monthly membership fee is typically $49.95. However if you prefer the option to use locations the price goes up slightly to $54.95 per month along with a $59 enrollment fee. Keep in mind that pricing may vary depending on the city.

Equinox. The Luxury Choice;

For some people who're passionate about fitness the amenities offered by a gym play a role in their decision making process. Equinox stands out as a high end fitness club that focuses on providing an experience.


Equinox offers a range of top quality amenities including branding, state of the art equipment and luxurious toiletries in their locker rooms. In response to the situation they have implemented safety measures such as UV C light sanitizers for equipment and hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility. They also provide masks for purchase.

When you become a member at Equinox you may receive fitness assessments and training or pilates sessions. Additionally members can enjoy a 15% discount at their store. With, over 100 clubs located across the United States, Canada and the UK. Equinox ensures a fitness experience.

Membership Prices;

Luxury always comes with a price tag and an Equinox membership generally costs, around $200 per month. If you opt for club access the monthly fee can go up to approximately $260.


For individuals with busy schedules finding time to hit the gym can be quite a challenge. Luckily 24 Hour Fitness lives up to its name by offering round the clock access and unique amenities.


This gym chain boasts a range of features, including basketball courts, racquetball courts, saunas, juice bars and swimming pools. While the facilities are spacious overall some reviews mention that peak hours can sometimes lead to crowded conditions and occasional cleanliness issues.


What sets 24 Hour Fitness apart is their notch free weight barbells and weight plates – making it an excellent choice for bodybuilders and powerlifters. Additionally the gym provides a variety of strength and cardio machines. They also offer group training options such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) cycling classes, dance workouts along with the option to work with a trainer.

Membership Prices;

Unfortunately specific pricing details are not available on their website. However based on reviews from locations across the country suggest that monthly fees typically range between $40 to $50.

An annual fee of $49 is usually required for membership options.


While there are gym chains that are open 24 hours Anytime Fitness takes accessibility to the next level by providing key fobs to members allowing them access to the gym at any time and from anywhere.


The availability of equipment may vary depending on the location considering the network of over 3,000 Anytime Fitness branches in the United States. However you can generally expect to find strength and cardio equipment as well as opportunities for fitness assessments, personalized programs and group classes.

Membership Costs;

Pricing may differ based on the location but typically ranges between $30 and $40 per month according to reviews.


LA Fitness sets itself apart by offering a range of equipment and training options, in facilities even during busy hours. They also provide childcare services known as Kids Klub for parents convenience.


Upon entering an LA Fitness facility you'll notice a selection of equipment spread across two floors, including a pool. Whether you prefer weightlifting cardio workouts, personal training sessions or group classes LA Fitness is likely to meet your needs.

Here is the revised version;

Their gym facilities include a variety of equipment such as machines, free weights, squat racks, cardio machines and they also offer group classes.

When it comes to membership costs LA Fitness provides free trial passes for a few days so you can familiarize yourself with the gym. The monthly membership fees range from $30 to $50 and there is an initiation fee of $99 for options.

Orangetheory Fitness is a boutique studio that specializes in high intensity interval training (HIIT) which has become quite popular. They have coach led sessions where they use heart rate monitors to track your performance.

In terms of amenities Orangetheory Fitness creates a sense of community to CrossFit by offering group classes that focus on endurance, strength, power and weight loss. Their workout environment has an ambiance with orange lighting. They also provide flex deck treadmills for a low impact exercise experience.

For membership costs at Orangetheory Fitness as a boutique fitness studio they typically range from $60 to $160 per month depending on location. How frequently you plan on working out. Additionally you may need to purchase your heart rate monitor which can cost around $100.

Discover the approach to fitness that sets Pure Barre apart. It combines ballet, pilates and yoga to create a full body workout that's gentle, on the joints.

Choose from a range of class options at Pure Barre including Foundations for beginners Classic for movements Pure Reform for resistance based strength training and Pure Empower for a cardio strength interval workout. With over 650 locations across the United States, finding a nearby Pure Barre studio is convenient.

While membership costs are not publicly listed by Pure Barre they are estimated to be in line with boutique fitness studios. Can go up to $199, per month for unlimited access.

As the popularity of supporting gyms continues to grow many frequent travelers still appreciate the convenience of gym chains. These popular gym chains offer fitness opportunities. Help individuals stay on track with their fitness goals. Don't forget to pack your Shred Fat burner as it can enhance your performance, energy levels and focus while providing nutrients for both aerobic capacity optimization.

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