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Enzymes: The Secret Muscle-Building Power You’re Overlooking

Consider this: while enzymes might not feature at the top of your supplement list, they could be the missing piece for that extra muscle gain you’ve been after.

New research highlights how enzymes are pivotal in post-workout recovery, making them a crucial addition for serious muscle builders.


Picture enzymes as protein superheroes, speeding up metabolic processes in your body. They’re the catalysts that turbocharge chemical reactions.

The food we eat—protein, carbs—before they fuel our bodies, they need to be broken down. Enter enzymes.


Three main enzyme types break down your food:

Amylase - tackles carbs

Lipase - handles fats

Protease - deals with proteins

Sure, our bodies produce these, but we can also grab them from foods or supplements.

For muscle seekers, enzyme-containing supplements are a game-changer. They amp up calorie burn: the more enzymes, the faster and more efficiently food gets digested, funneling nutrients to muscles.

Protease takes the top spot for muscle-centric athletes. Why? Because bodybuilders are protein fanatics. Recent studies confirm its muscle-building prowess. Enzyme-infused whey protein, for instance, skyrockets amino acid levels in your bloodstream.

Translation? Enzymes in protein supplements boost protein absorption, ensuring a flood of amino acids heads straight to those hard-working muscles.


When eyeing protein supplements, aim for those loaded with these enzymes: trypsin, chymotrypsin, pepsin, pancreatin, bromelain, and papain. And hey, bromelain’s in fresh pineapple, papain in fresh papaya—nature’s got your back.

Some supplements throw in amylase or lipase for good measure, breaking down carbs and fats. Lately, protein powder producers are including protease by default, a clear win for muscle enthusiasts.

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