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Stop Obsessing About Age: Training Wisdom Beyond 40

So, you've reached the big 4-0, and perhaps you're pondering a wardrobe update with some Cub Scouts to lend you a hand, just to keep your sagging sweatpants from sliding down your waist. You're worried about doing your squats, the wobbly-kneed, quarter-rep kind, without the unexpected reveal of your graying underwear or, heaven forbid, anything else that might have embraced a similar shade.

In this scenario, it's understandable if your pants decide to stage a revolt during your squat endeavors, given your age and the potential onset of dementia and debilitating arthritis – but then again, maybe not.

This might be the kind of advice I'd dispense if someone asked about "over-40" training.

In truth, aside from focusing on your mobility, endocrine health, and nutritional status, there's probably not much the over-40 crowd needs to alter. That is, except for discarding outdated training styles reminiscent of Magic Johnson's Gold's Gym short shorts or T-shirts commemorating their participation in the 1997 Woonsocket, Rhode Island 5K.

Now, if you started your fitness journey in your thirties, then "over-40" training might hold some significance. But if you've been hitting the gym for a solid decade or more by the time you hit 40, it's just another arbitrary "milestone" grounded in society's obsession with round numbers.

The over-40 training advice should join the never-ending list of "one-size-fits-all guidance," like the necessity of clocking precisely 8 hours of sleep nightly, drinking what feels like 16 gallons of water a day, or maintaining a schedule of 3.62 ejaculations per week for optimal health.

The reality is, if you buy into the notion that you're past your prime at 40, that your body has suddenly become as delicate as a snowflake, then that belief will become your reality. Instead, defy this supposed encroaching darkness and spare yourself from making any drastic alterations to your training regimen.

Kayla Thomas


Kayla Thomas, a 34-year-old sports and fitness coach living in Connecticut, USA. With seven years of hands-on experience, she's all about helping folks get fit and strong. Kayla's fitness journey began when she was a sports-loving kid, and she followed her passion to college, where she earned a degree in Exercise Science and picked up personal training and sports coaching certifications. But what really lights her up is empowering women through fitness, breaking barriers and making fitness feel welcoming for everyone. Her clients see her as not just a coach but a motivating friend. In her downtime, you'll find her swimming and cycling, always on the move. And you can follow her fitness journey on Instagram – she's all about sharing that empowerment vibe.