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Probiotics: How These Tiny Helpers Support Strong Bones

Let's dive into the world of those microbes that reside in your gut – probiotics. They're like superheroes for your belly! In this article we'll explore the secrets of these allies and how they cleverly combat osteoporosis, that sneaky thief of bones.

Here's the deal: poor bone health can really put a damper on things. It not only affects your bone strength but your overall well being too.. Guess who is more susceptible? Post menopausal. Our cherished seniors. Unfortunately once bone issues arise there's no going back.

Allow me to introduce Professor George Moschonis and Stephanie Resciniti, a PhD candidate from La Trobe University. Together they're embarking on a mission called "ProBone 21" to uncover the bone saving superpowers of probiotics. Inspired by a study where women took probiotic supplements for a year with impressive results – less loss in bone mass compared to those who received a placebo (fake probiotics mind you).

Now the ProBone 21 team is diligently monitoring the bone health of individuals taking pills over the course of a year.

Moschonis and Resciniti believe that this could be a game changer, in the fight against osteoporosis for individuals at risk. Imagine a future where our community's well being receives a boost from probiotics!

Why is it Important to Take Care of Your Bones?

Having bone health goes beyond experiencing aches and pains: it can have a significant impact on your overall well being. Moschonis puts it straightforwardly "[Osteoporosis] is a condition that can greatly diminish your quality of life, affect your health and have effects on your overall wellness." Resciniti adds, "When you're experiencing fractures it's like 'well we'll put on a cast for six weeks and move on with life.' However as you get older after menopause fractures can lead to a spiral. Just imagine how much your everyday life changes when you lose mobility. It's like dancing with Mr. Misery."

Now Let's Talk about Those Friendly Probiotics...

Probiotics are the kids, in your gut. They're bacteria and yeasts—the superheroes that keep the guys (pathogens) in check. And they even have a party trick—they reduce inflammation. Inflammation really dampens your body's spirits: guess what?It belongs to the category of factors that cause bone loss. Probiotics on the hand act as guardians preventing this factor from affecting your gut.

While you can find some probiotics in foods, like yogurt, kombucha and tempeh, the challenge lies in consuming an amount of them. This is where probiotic supplements come into play. Moschonis and Resciniti are well aware of this. That's why they emphasize the importance of supplements in their study.

Who's Affected by It?

Osteoporosis is not exclusive to women – men can also be affected! However the ProBone 21 study focuses on menopausal women, especially those who are within eight years of experiencing menopause. Why? Well because menopause signifies a decline in estrogen levels. Estrogen is crucial for maintaining bones. It acts like a superhero cape that protects against bone loss. Once it disappears so does its protective power. Early post menopause is a period where these women need all the support they can get.

As we look ahead to the future don't be surprised if probiotics become companions on your journey, towards bone health. The study is uncovering insights that could potentially revolutionize our understanding of how tiny gut allies can become heroes for our bones!

Kayla Thomas


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