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Milos Sarcev: The Mind of a Bodybuilding Legend

Milos Sarcev is a name that resonates with bodybuilding enthusiasts. He has made an impact in the bodybuilding industry, being recognized as one of the most accomplished and influential bodybuilders ever. His exceptional physique, groundbreaking training methods and coaching expertise have contributed to his success. Additionally he holds a role in Serbia as a trailblazer for the sport becoming Mr. Yugoslavia and Mr. Universe.

In this article we will delve into Milos Sarcev’s life journey and notable achievements, starting from his beginnings to his ascent to fame and glory. Furthermore, we will explore his training philosophy, dietary regimen and gain insights from him on how aspiring bodybuilders can excel in their pursuits.

The Early Years

Milos Sarcev came into this world on January 17 1964, in Becej, a town nestled in Serbia. Growing up , his father worked as a mechanic while his mother dedicated her time to nursing. From an early age he displayed an interest in sports and physical pursuits, particularly soccer and basketball. Inspired by Bruce Lee's movies, he also developed an affinity for martial arts.

At the age of 14, Milos embarked on his journey after stumbling upon a magazine cover featuring none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Captivated by Arnold's physique, he made it his mission to emulate him. Joining a gym armed with equipment and exercises he soon discovered his innate talent and potential for bodybuilding.

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By the age of 17, Milos had already tasted success in the world of bodybuilding by winning the category in his competition. Eager to enhance his physique and make waves within the industry, he continued to participate in local and national contests that brought him recognition. The years 1986 and 1987 saw him crowned as Mr. Yugoslavia champion not once but twice.

In pursuit of his dream to become a bodybuilder, Milos took a leap of faith in 1988 when he decided to relocate to the United States. Finding solace in Los Angeles' vibrant atmosphere, within Venice Beaches Golds Gym – renowned among fitness enthusiasts – he dedicated himself wholeheartedly to training there. Additionally, he seized this opportunity to enroll in college where studies focused on nutrition and biochemistry became a part of his journey.

The Professional Career

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Milos began his career in 1991 following his victory in the Mr. Universe competition in 1989. He participated in Grand Prix events consistently achieving 10 placements. Additionally, he qualified for the Mr. Olympia contest, widely regarded as the pinnacle of bodybuilding competitions 

Milos gained recognition for his proportioned and aesthetically pleasing physique, characterized by large muscle groups and balanced proportions. His broad shoulders, chest, slender waist, flaring lats, muscular arms and defined legs were highly acclaimed. Furthermore, he received praise for his posing skills and captivating stage presence that effectively showcased his personality and charisma.

Throughout his career Milos competed in over 70 shows where he frequently landed within the top 10 rankings. Notable achievements include a second place finish at the 1997 Night of Champions event, placing at the 1999 Ironman Pro Invitational competition, placing at the 1996 Night of Champions contest, fifth place at the esteemed 1999 Arnold Classic championship event and a respectable tenth place position at the prestigious 1997 Mr. Olympia competition.

In light of an incident involving an attempt to enhance his triceps with Synthol—an oil used to enhance muscle appearance—Milos decided to retire from bodybuilding in 2003. The incident occurred when he inadvertently hit a vein during injection which resulted in a blood clot traveling to his lungs and causing an embolism—a life threatening condition. He underwent surgery after being hospitalized for days to remove the clot.

The Coaching Career

After retiring from competition, Milos focused on his coaching career. He became one of the most sought-after coaches in the industry, helping hundreds of athletes achieve their goals. He also founded his own supplement company, Koloseum Nutrition, and opened his own gym, Koloseum Gym.

Milos is known for his innovative and controversial training methods, which he calls “The Milos System”. His system is based on high-volume workouts with short rest periods, high-intensity techniques such as drop sets and giant sets, high-frequency training with multiple sessions per day or per week, high-carbohydrate diets with intra-workout nutrition, insulin manipulation with supplements or injections, and site enhancement oils such as Synthol.

Some of Milos’ most notable clients include Dennis James, Hidetada Yamagishi, Silvio Samuel, Gustavo Badell, Roelly Winklaar, Zack Khan, Johnnie Jackson, Ben Pakulski, Antoine Vaillant, Regan Grimes, Maxx Charles, Akim Williams, Sergio Oliva Jr., Patrick Moore, and James Hollingshead.

The Legacy

Milos Sarcev holds a position as one of the respected and influential individuals in the history of bodybuilding. Widely acknowledged as one of the best bodybuilders ever, he has also made an impact as a coach within the industry inspiring and assisting numerous athletes in achieving their aspirations.

Additionally, Milos has played a role in promoting bodybuilding in Serbia, where he is revered as a hero and an exemplary figure. He has actively organized events, seminars and camps to support the sport in his homeland. Milos has also taken on mentoring roles for aspiring bodybuilders like Sasa Obradovic, Nenad Markovic, Milos Pavlovic and Milos Kostic.

Continuing to share his knowledge and unwavering passion for bodybuilding with the world, Milos utilizes platforms including social media channels, his website, podcasting platforms and YouTube channel. Additionally, he frequently engages in travels to deliver lectures and conduct seminars and workshops.

Milos Sarcev undeniably stands as a well known figure within the realm of bodybuilding, an embodiment of unwavering dedication, perseverance and excellence.


Milos Sarcev’s journey in the fitness industry has been truly remarkable, establishing him as a figure in bodybuilding. He has excelled not as a champion bodybuilder but as a coach and entrepreneur showcasing his incredible physique, innovative training methods and exceptional coaching skills. His contributions to the world of bodybuilding in Serbia have made him a revered hero. For those passionate about bodybuilding and aspiring to achieve their goals, Milos Sarcev serves as a source of motivation. His story exemplifies the power of work, discipline and unwavering passion.

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