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Exercises that Build Muscle: The Vital Role of Compound Workouts

Compound exercises serve as the foundation for building muscle. If you observe any gym, you'll notice that individuals with muscle mass often prioritize compound exercises in their workouts.

So what exactly are compound exercises? In essence, they involve multiple joints (think squats, deadlifts, bench presses, shoulder presses, barbell rows, and more), as opposed to isolation exercises that target a single joint (such as leg extensions, bicep curls, or triceps extensions).

What makes them highly recommended? Well, they replicate movements and prove to be more efficient for athletes. Consider the squat as an example. It mimics actions like standing up, moving forward, or even jumping – common movements in sports and daily life.

These movements engage muscles simultaneously and work on various muscle groups at once. The advantages are plentiful:

Efficiency: Work multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Strength Development: Lift weights for faster strength gains.

Coordination & Mobility: Improve these aspects alongside strength.

Calorie Burn: Engage muscle mass, resulting in increased calorie expenditure.

Now let's delve into some compound exercises that promote muscle growth and strength.


Often hailed as the exercise that effectively works out more than 70% of your body, primarily focusing on your legs and back. It's a crucial component in building muscle strength and achieving optimal results.


Just as effective as the squat, this exercise specifically targets your back and legs. Mastering the deadlift allows you to lift weights, leading to increased production of testosterone and growth hormone.


Sometimes misunderstood, the bench press mainly works your chest, shoulders, and triceps. When performed correctly, it's an excellent exercise for building muscle.


An exercise that sculpts that V-shaped back. If you find pull-ups difficult at first, start with assisted variations to gradually build strength.


This demanding pushing exercise effectively targets your side deltoids along with your triceps. It also engages muscle groups as stabilizers, making it an excellent choice for developing rounded shoulder muscles.


This comprehensive and engaging exercise works out parts of your body—lower back, hips, and arms. It's a method for building a strong back and even adding size to those biceps.

These compound exercises offer an approach to muscle building by engaging muscle groups simultaneously during a workout session.

James Freeman


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