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Best Lower Body Workout

Alright, folks, let's talk about building an epic lower body. Forget all that fancy talk; we're here to get down to business. But before we dive in, let's address the boring stuff you usually find in leg day routines. Yep, we're here to shake things up!

Most leg workouts are like one-track records, moving in a straight line. Well, we're about to change that. And those little leg muscles? They're getting some attention today.

So, what's the plan for the best lower body workout? It's simple: We're hitting everything – hips, glutes, hammies, and quads, in every direction. But hold up, Squats are cool, but they're not the only cool cats in town.

This article is your ticket to a complete lower body workout that'll leave you feeling things you never knew existed. Here's what's cooking:

Meet Your Leg Muscles:

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let's meet the stars of the show – your leg muscles. We're skipping the muscle markers for the glutes (sorry, Jesse!), but let's get creative.

  • The Quad Squad (Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermedius, Vastus Lateralis, and Rectus Femoris)
  • The Hamstring Heroes (Biceps Femoris and Semitendinosus)
  • The Adductor Avengers (Adductors)
  • The Abductor Army (Abductors)
  • The Glute Gang (the fabulous three)

The Leg Day Breakdown: Step by Step

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Now, let's break it down in simple terms.


We're starting with a warm-up that's as smooth as your favorite track. Starting with lighter sets, we're getting those muscles ready for action. No need to tire yourself out here – just a warm-up.

Warm-Up Squats:

Think of these as your warm-up crew. Start with half your working weight, then go 20% lighter. It's like stretching before a dance battle – just enough to get your joints moving.

Box Squat Prep:

This is where it gets interesting. We're adding a bit more weight to get you psyched for the real deal. It's like a sneak peek before the main event. Box Squats give you that safety net, so you know where you're headed. Confidence booster? You got it.

Let's Get to Squats

Now, it's time to hit the squats. We've got a 5RM, another 5RM, a 10RM, and then a crazy 25RM set. We're pushing those legs to the limit and testing your mental toughness.

Hitting the Backside:

Next up, we're targeting those hammies and glutes with two options: the heavyweight Barbell Hip Thrust or the sneaky Glute Ham Raise. Pick your poison; they both promise a killer workout.

Single Leg Action:

Time to put some swagger in your step with single-leg training. We've got Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats in High-Low Fashion – it's like dancing, but for your quads and glutes. Alternating torso positions keeps things interesting.

Explosive Moves

Who doesn't love a bit of explosiveness? We're adding Bodyweight Plyo Bulgarian Split Squats to the mix. These will have you feeling like an action hero, working those glutes and legs while adding some athleticism to your routine.

Inner Quad Focus:

Let's give the inner quad some love with the TKE Drop Lunge. We're not isolating it, but we're making sure it gets some serious attention.

Adductor Love:

Time to slide into the adductor workout with the Dumbbell Goblet Adductor Lunge. It's like a smooth glide for your inner thighs. Socks on, hardwood floor – get ready for the burn.

Outer Thigh Action:

We're finishing this workout with a bang. The Hip Band Ladder is gonna make those abductors work hard. Side steps and resistance bands – it's like a dance-off finale.


Female athlete doing lunges in hack squat gym machine, copy space

There you have it – a lower body workout that'll have you strutting your stuff with newfound confidence. Trust us, as a physical therapist and strength coach, this routine will challenge you and transform your strength and physique. It's time to hit the floor and make those muscles move like never before!

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Liam Marshall, the friendly fitness coach, has spent 14 years sharing his love for sports and fitness. With degrees in sports science, he crafts workouts that fit like your favorite jeans. Beyond the gym, he organizes sports clinics and tech-savvy fitness apps that motivate people worldwide. He's all about making fitness doable for everyone, and it's not just about bodies – it's boosting confidence. In 2019, he scored the "Virginia Fitness Coach of the Year" award. Outside the fitness world, he loves family time and hikes in Shenandoah National Park. Liam's journey from a small-town fitness fan to a big-time coach is all about passion, inspiring people to see fitness as a body-and-mind thing. Catch him on Instagram to stay in the loop!