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Probiotic 40 Billion with Prebiotics

Scientifically-Formulated Gut Support*

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Introducing Simply Probiotics 40 Billion – your trusted solution for managing digestive issues like IBS, CONSTIPATION, and DIARRHEA with ease!

Our probiotic blend features four robust strains, delivering a remarkable 40 billion CFUs per gram. No need for complex terminology here – just know that this product is packed with beneficial bacteria, working wonders for your digestive system.

When you make Simply Probiotics 40 Billion a part of your daily routine, you're investing in a healthier gut. Say goodbye to troublesome digestive woes and embrace a flourishing digestive ecosystem. We've also included FOS (fructooligosaccharides) to support the growth of acidophilus and Bifidus.

Here are the key benefits of Simply's Probiotic 40 Billion with Prebiotics:

🛡️ Fortifies your body's defenses
💪 Enhances digestive health
🌞 Contributes to overall well-being
🌱 Replenishes the friendly bacteria essential for a balanced gut

Don't wait any longer. Give your digestive system the care it deserves with Simply Probiotics 40 Billion. Your stomach will thank you! 🌿



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      Probiotics with Prebiotic Dietary Supplement
      Probiotics with Prebiotic Dietary Supplement
      Probiotics with Prebiotic Dietary Supplement
      Probiotics with Prebiotic Dietary Supplement  Label

      Probiotics 40 Billion® is doctor formulated to promote optimal gut health.*


      • DIARY-FREE



      • NON-GMO


      Dr. Ryan K. Strauss

      As a gastroenterologist with extensive experience in addressing common intestinal concerns, I've consistently observed the transformative impact of two key recommendations on my patients.

      Firstly, optimizing your nutritional intake is pivotal for substantial improvements in your overall health—a well-known principle that continues to stand the test of time.

      Secondly, incorporating a high-quality probiotic into your routine can significantly support your digestive, immune, and overall well-being, a fact that often surprises many of my patients. Astonishingly, only a small percentage of individuals experiencing typical digestive issues regularly utilize probiotics.

      When patients seek my advice on the best probiotic, I consistently recommend simply™ Probiotics. This exceptional formulation boasts 11 distinct strains and guarantees a remarkable 40 billion live cultures per capsule. Furthermore, it includes an optimal dosage of MAKTREK®(Bi-Pass Technology) ensuring that these cultures receive the essential fuel to make a genuine impact in your gut.

      What sets Simply's formula apart is its commitment to purity—devoid of unnecessary fillers, making it, in my professional opinion, the most comprehensive probiotic available in today's market.

      Probiotics with Prebiotic Dietary Supplement

      Probiotics 40 Billion with Prebiotics® Approved User Stats

      • 90%

        of Probiotics 40 Billion users stated it was better than other digestion health products they have tried.*

      • 85%

        of Probiotics 40 Billion users who felt they had more energy reported these results first happening in 12 weeks or less.*

      • 90%

        of Probiotics 40 Billion users who felt less bloated reported these results first happening in 12 weeks or less.*

      • 91%

        of Probiotics 40 Billion users who noticed they felt healthier reported these results first happening in 12 weeks or less.*

      Probiotic Precision for Targeted Results

      Every vegetarian capsule of simply Probiotics® is meticulously crafted to withstand the challenges of stomach acid, ensuring a secure journey to the intestinal tract—the vital hub of your microbiome.* This intricate assembly of bacteria is originally dictated by your DNA at birth. However, as time unfolds, environmental exposures and dietary choices exert their influence, reshaping your microbiome. Introducing probiotics into your routine facilitates the introduction of beneficial bacteria to your gut, offering the essential support you need to consistently experience optimal well-being—the state you rightfully deserve.*

      A Strategic Approach to Enhance Overall Health*

      • Comprehensive digestive health support*
      • Alleviation of occasional gas, bloating, and indigestion*
      • Free from unnecessary fillers
      • Promotion of nutrient digestion and absorption*
      • Enhancement of the body's natural microbiome, a key component in supporting the immune system.*

      A Healthy Digestive System Benefits Whole-Body Health*

      With time, consistency, and taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle, your gut can see some truly great improvements.

      • Within Hours

        With its prebiotic richness and advanced encapsulation technology, your initial probiotic intake ensures the survival of active cultures on their journey to the gut, initiating the cultivation of a harmonious and healthy bacterial balance.*

      • Month 1

        Optimize your well-being by integrating sound nutrition and consistent exercise into your daily regimen.*

      • Month 2

        Research indicates that habits typically form over approximately 66 days. At this point, consistent intake of simply Probiotics ® and the integration of your health-conscious lifestyle adjustments will seamlessly become second nature.*

      • Month 3 & Beyond

        Over the course of weeks, fostering a balanced microbiome contributes to the enhancement of your overall well-being.*


      • DIARY-FREE



      • NON-GMO

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 683 reviews

      Some probiotics are harsh and make you feel crampy Not these! I have been taking them for a month and I am already feeling the positive effects.


      Got this for my husband who is lactose intolerant and ended up in the bathroom after eating anything dairy. He feels so much better now and is very happy with the product. Will continue buying this forever !

      Christina Wagner

      This is a great addition to my daily diet for a healthy gut. The size and price is good. The ingredients are pure and high quality. So far I've been taking it for a couple weeks and I feel good taking these. I will buy these again in the future.

      C. Bell

      My wife swears by these. She constantly says these are the best probiotics she has ever taken.

      Jillian P.

      I have bought this many times now and have always been satisfied. I like that it has a pre and probiotic. It does take a few days to start working but it does work, and gently. I trust the product and feel good on it too (no harsh reactions).

      Probiotic 40 Billion with Prebiotics

      Probiotic 40 Billion with Prebiotics


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