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Nootropics Stack

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The right balance of supplements can not only improve the processes of the body, but can enhance the mind as well, and this is what the Nootropics stack is designed to do. This stack contains three separate supplements: Ashwagandha, ENLIGHTEN Nootropic, and SHRED with Fat Burner. While each is effective on its own, when they are used in tandem, they can have a significant impact on your mind's function. From alleviating your stress (especially by managing cortisol levels), sharpening your thinking and focus, and improving your mood and cognition, you can start to see a real difference.

Ashwagandha supports hormones while normalizing energy levels and mood. SHRED Fat Burner not only helps with weight loss but the energy & focus blend improves brain function. Meanwhile, the ENLIGHTEN Nootropic can help improve focus and cognition, elevating energy levels and boosting your mood without any kind of 'crash.' When used together, these benefits can combine into a significantly noticeable improvement.

    nootropics stack- Shred Fat burner, Enlighten Nootropic , Ashwagandha

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews

    These are well-made and as pictured. Nice product. I am very happy with the product and price.

    J. Marshall

    This is our second purchase of them. No issues … highly recommend!


    I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Overall I’m happy with the purchase. I’d definitely recommend.

    Denise Forbes

    Excellent very happy. Well done for the money. Highly recommend!

    Lisa Munisteri

    I am very pleased with this product. These product deserve their 5 Star ratings.

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