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 Greetings ,Fitness is a journey which requires patience. This is the most simplified description of this. At the starting line, like many, you may have NO idea what you are actually capable of. Through years of discipline and consistency you develop into a more efficient version of yourself. In the beginning it may be solely for the physical benefits. But mentally and emotionally, if you do the work, you will go through a complete transformation. Life simply gets better, and we improve as we progress through our journey in the gym. Throughout this process, we will learn a tremendous amount about ourselves and about life. Through this I have learned a few things that I believe can make this process more fulfilling, and perhaps a little easier for you in terms of time spent/time wasted. Here are five tips for beginners: There is No End Result, Only The End Of Periodizations When we decide that we will take fitness seriously, many of us start with a goal—an idea of what we want to look like and become. This is good, but what I've learned is that this goal always changes, our motivations always change, and the meaning for why we do this will change. Instead of thinking about this as some goal, we should think about this as a lifestyle—something we do simply to enrich & enhance our lives and our health. It becomes a process that we can easily manipulate based on our goals. There is not one fixed outcome. Some may want more muscle, some may want to maintain what they have and feel great, and others may even want to see if they have what it takes to go pro. Even after these initial goals, things change. In the beginning, I simply wanted to look good. Then, after a while, I wanted to lift x amount of weight, or weigh Y amount of weight at single digit body fat %. Now, I just want to feel good and maintain my great health and athletic ability. Have A Specific Plan And Track It This is a big one. Anytime anyone has EVER asked me for advice regarding "what they should do" I answer their question with another question; "What is your specific goal?" For example- Lift more weight, gain mass, get leaner, train for boxing or a track meet. I always advocate tracking your progress. Whether this is weight and reps in the gym, calories in the kitchen, weight on the scale, or even biomarkers in our bloodwork, track your data. Once we have the data—the statistics from our actions—we can figure out what works the best for us and become even more efficient. We never know if what we are doing or taking is working unless we can quantify this. How do I know if the supplements I take for my health are working if I don't have a journal and/or bloodwork telling me it works? Start with your calories and training—get a baseline for health bloodwork and then if you become more serious you can look into things like fitness wearables. We can continuously make our systems better if we know for a fact what works best for us—health and fitness will always be very subjective. That guy at the water cooler at your job who was never in shape and never will be who tells you "All you have to do..." is WRONG. Patience This was something that took me a long time to develop. When I want something I want it NOW. The body doesn't work this way—it is going to adapt to your training volume and diet accordingly over time. You don't get shredded overnight, and you don't add 10lbs of muscle in a month. As much as we wish we could, we simply can't—biology prevents this. This brings us back to point number one: this is a lifestyle, not a quick "get superhero jacked" program. The key to this is to have realistic expectations and realistic short-term goals. Stacking up a series of small wins and iterating over and over again is how you train your body, and more importantly, your mind. If you need to be lean for an upcoming vacation, starting two weeks before isn't the way to go—you should have planned this out months prior. When we rush, we have to sacrifice something. Rush fat loss?Lose muscle mass (and possibly get hurt). Rush a bulk? Gain unnecessary body fat (and possibly become unhealthy). Stick To One Plan "The person who chases two rabbits catches neither." All progress, as mentioned above takes time. You will never know what works for you if you are constantly switching plans every few weeks or few months. The internet is unfortunately polluted with misinformation. When you see a woman in amazing shape swearing by shake dumbbells or a jacked, lean guy who is likely on PEDs swearing by a "cutting edge new animal antler filing" it is easy to be misled. The best workout is the one you will do consistently, correctly, and with the most intensity. Find a plan you enjoy and stick with it for minimum of 6 months. Free workout plans will be available shortly as well as one on one online coaching. The biggest error I've seen and I've made is switching for the "bigger and better" plan—it doesn't exist. There are general principles that build muscle. Follow these and will you grow. The key is sticking to one system. If you do not use the concepts of periodization/adaptation you will spin your wheels. It's Better To Be Lean Than Chunky Some of you will start out skinny-fat. It's okay, I did as well. What did I do? Went straight into a "dirty bulk" because I figured since I workout I'll automatically get abs and be shredded. This couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, I did gain some muscle mass, I also gained a ton of fat. If I could go back in time I would've focused on cleaning the diet up, getting enough protein, and getting stronger in the gym. I would've eaten around my caloric maintenance and taken advantage of one of the few times you can gain muscle AND lose fat, when you first start. You will be in a much better place in terms of health by being leaner. Plus, you will be in an excellent place should you choose to do a bulk. Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding general fitness & health advice or any of our products. We are happy you are here and are rooting for you regardless of what age or phase of your fitness journey you are in. To Your Success Ruy 2023 GAINZ Section: Image. Position: 3 of 5 Section: Image with text. Position: 4 of 5 Section: Footer. 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